MDE Organization Reference Glossary


To find organization and contact data, enter in parts of a person or organization name, such as elk river, or the formatted organization ID, such as 0728-01.

Click on Search Help for advanced search options.

Click on Schools and Districts to the left to see listings of districts, schools, charter schools, among others.

Click on Specialty Tagged Collections to the left to see collections of organization data, such as Public Schools or Independent School Districts.

Note: You'll find enrollment counts in the MDE Data Center


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Is there a list of all Elementary Schools in Minnesota?

Questions like this are very common. To see such a list, go to the Specialty Tagged Collections page (see the link on the left).

The Elementary tag is applied to all schools with a school classification of type 10 (public elementary). Click the Extract button and select Organization Head (principal, superintendent, director, etc.) as the contact type you want. The Extract button will then extract an Excel-formatted file.

Note that this does not include most nonpublic schools (they have limited reporting requirements so we cannot always tell the kind of school) and Combined Schools (school classification 40 for combined Elementary/Secondary). MDE ORG has a tag for this kind of school as well, Combined School. We also have a combination tag of Elementary/Combined that includes both kinds of schools. You can extract Excel-formatted data the same way.


All the data herein are based on what has been reported to MDE. Certain types of organizations, such as nonpublics, have very limited reporting requirements, which results in very limited data stored at MDE.