Group Tag - Charter Authorizer

Groups collect organizations together, including the districts that belong to a particular RMIC region, organizations in a Title III consortium, and so on.

Typically, a group with have one organization acting as the head of the group, such as Region 7 TIES acts as the head for the group of school districts within the region. Other organizations within the group are classified as members of the group.

Group Head:
Pillsbury United Communities
Charter Authorizer
Group members
Number Name Date Effective
4004-07 Cedar Riverside Community School Jul 2016
4057-07 El Colegio Charter School Jul 2016
4259-07 Family Freedom Academy Jul 2017
4079-07 Friendship Academy of the Arts Jul 2016
4264-07 Gateway STEM Academy Jul 2017
4039-07 High School for Recording Arts Jul 2012
4267-07 Horizon Science Academy Twin Cities Jul 2017
4031-07 Jennings Community School Jul 2012
4163-07 Learning For Leadership Charter Jul 2012
4139-07 LoveWorks Academy for Arts Jul 2012
4209-07 Mastery School Jul 2016
4153-07 Midway Star Academy Jul 2012
4102-07 Minnesota Internship Center Jul 2012
4231-07 Minnesota Math and Science Academy Jul 2014
4150-07 Minnesota Online High School Jul 2012
4017-07 Minnesota Transitions Charter School Jul 2012
4252-07 Northeast Art and Science Polytechnic Jul 2016
4135-07 Rochester Math and Science Academy Jul 2012
4142-07 STRIDE Academy Jul 2018
4038-07 Sojourner Truth Academy Jul 2012
4169-07 Stonebridge World School Jul 2012
4077-07 Twin Cities International Elementary School Sep 2015
4078-07 Twin Cities International Schools Sep 2015
4121-07 Ubah Medical Academy Charter School Sep 2015