Group Tag - Parent

Groups collect organizations together, including the districts that belong to a particular RMIC region, organizations in a Title III consortium, and so on.

Typically, a group with have one organization acting as the head of the group, such as Region 7 TIES acts as the head for the group of school districts within the region. Other organizations within the group are classified as members of the group.

Group Head:
Southwest Metro Educational Coop
Group members
Number Name Date Effective
6088-50-010 SW Metro - Chaska Special Education Center Jul 2013
6088-50-020 SW Metro ALC Jul 2013
6088-50-024 SW Metro CCJ Jul 2013
6088-50-034 SW Metro Day Treatment Jul 2013
6088-50-015 SW Metro Extended School Year Jul 2013
6088-50-026 SW Metro Independent Study Jul 2013
6088-50-865 SW Metro JAF Jul 2013
6088-50-027 SW Metro Online Learning Jul 2013
6088-50-012 SW Metro River Valley Education Center Jul 2013
6088-50-025 SW Metro Seat Based Jul 2013
6088-50-011 SW Metro Shakopee Spec Ed Jul 2013
6088-50-126 SW Metro Targeted Services Jul 2013