Tri-Valley Opportunity Migrant 7082-84

Executive Director Jason Carlson
(218) 281-5832

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ALCs, Special Ed, Miscellaneous

ALCs, Special Ed, Miscellaneous organizations
Name Number Phone Number
Breckenridge Migrant Head Start 7082-84-002
Brooten Migrant Head Start 7082-84-003
Brooten Migrant Head Start (Wadena) 7082-84-004
East Grand Forks Migrant Head Start 7082-84-009
Elysian Area Learning Center1 7082-84-006
Elysian Area Learning Center2 7082-84-007
Glencoe Family Service Center1 7082-84-010
Glencoe Family Service Center2 7082-84-011
Glencoe Family Service Center3 7082-84-012
Glencoe Family Service Center4 7082-84-013
Hutchinson Migrant Head Start 7082-84-014
North Metro Migrant Head Start1 7082-84-015
North Metro Migrant Head Start2 7082-84-016
North Metro Migrant Head Start3 7082-84-017
Owatonna Migrant Head Start1 7082-84-018
Owatonna Migrant Head Start2 7082-84-020
Sleepy Eye Family Service Center 7082-84-025
South Central Area Learning Center 7082-84-021
South East Area Learning Site1 7082-84-022
South East Area Learning Site2 7082-84-023
South East Area Learning Site3 7082-84-024
Tri-Valley Migrant and Seasonal Head Start 7082-84-001
West Adventure Center (WAC) 7082-84-026
West Central Family Service Center1 7082-84-027
West Central Family Service Center2 7082-84-028